Congratulations to the 10 papers below selected for spotlight presentations!

These will be presented in rapid succession (2 min. each) during the 9:55 - 10:20 slot of our workshop program to give our audience a taste of exciting work happening in the ML+Health space.

Tool Detection and Operative Skill Assessment in Surgical Videos using Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks

Amy Jin, Serena Yeung, Jeffrey Jopling, Jonathan Krause, Dan Azagury, Arnold Milstein and Li Fei-Fei

Correlational Dueling Bandits for Clinical Treatment in Large Decision Spaces

Yanan Sui, Yisong Yue and Joel Burdick

Real-valued (Medical) Time Series Generation with Recurrent Conditional GANs

Stephanie Hyland, Cristóbal Esteban and Gunnar Rätsch

Personalized Driver Stress Detection with Multi-task Neural Networks using Physiological Signals

Aaqib Saeed and Stojan Trajanovski

Personalized Survival Prediction with Contextual Explanation Networks

Maruan Al-Shedivat, Avinava Dubey and Eric Xing

Off-Policy Learning Under Noncompliance

Nathan Kallus

Vision-Based Prediction of ICU Mobility Care Activities using Recurrent Neural Networks

Gabriel M. Bianconi, Rishab Mehra, Serena Yeung, Francesca Salipur, Jeffrey Jopling, Lance Downing, Albert Haque, Alexandre Alahi, Brandi Campbell, Kayla Deru, William Beninati, Arnold Milstein and Li Fei-Fei

A Public Benchmark for Clinical Prediction and Multitask Learning

Hrayr Harutyunyan, Hrant Khachatrian, David Kale, Greg Ver Steeg and Aram Galstyan

Spatial Anatomical Priors in Convolutional Networks for Unsupervised Biomedical Segmentation

Adrian Dalca, John Guttag and Mert Sabuncu

Ask the Doctor – Improving Drug Sensitivity Predictions through Active Expert Knowledge Elicitation

Iiris Sundin, Tomi Peltola, Muntasir Mamun Majumder, Pedram Daee, Marta Soare, Homayun Afrabandpey, Caroline Heckman, Samuel Kaski and Pekka Marttinen