• ML4H 2021 is composed of several types of sessions accessible primarily through either a live stream or through the interactive Gather.Town platform.

Live stream

  • Keynote presentations
    • Keynote presentations are made available through the live video feed embedded on the front page of the website ( These presentations are grouped into sessions of one to three speakers each. A live discussion session based on audience questions will take place following the playback of each of the presentations in the session.
  • Spotlight presentations
    • Spotlight presentations are shorter talks that highlight exceptional submissions to the symposium that will again be hosted on the live video feed.
  • Rocket.Chat
    • During the live stream, all attendees can post messages in a Rocket.Chat window available on the website below the live video feed. Session chairs will relay questions to speakers during the associated question and answer session and post announcements.


  • A variety of events are hosted through the Gather.Town platform. We provide a general overview of the space at the bottom of this section.
  • Poster sessions
    • Two poster sessions will be held in the same Gather.Town space in designated rooms at the top of the main hall.
  • Raffle
    • All participants will be eligible to earn tickets in a raffle on the basis of their participation in the symposium. Each participant will earn one ticket for their registration with additional tickets available by participating in poster sessions, round tables discussion, and exploring the Gather.Town space. Examples, submission form, and a list of prizes are coming soon!
  • Breaks
    • The Lounge area will be available during all the breaks (both social and lunch) for attendees to socialise, meet and greet. We welcome you to do so! This year we have also included an escape room dungeon (accessible at the bottom right of the space) that can be done in groups or individually. Links or portals back to the main space are provided.
  • Research round tables
    • There will be a one hour interactive session in the Gather.Town space dedicated to guided topical research discussions with the community. See this page for more details!

Code of conduct

  • A code of conduct laying out the responsibilities and standards of behavior that all ML4H participants are expected to abide by is available here.